Established in 2013, Grass Monkey Cannabis Company is one of Maine’s premium cannabis cultivators. Operating for years in the medical market has led to an extensive knowledge of the cultivation process. This has been essential in providing patients with exceptional cannabis, and eventually providing recreational customers with the same quality product.


The day Maine gives the green light to participate in the recreational market, Grass Monkey Cannabis Company plans to open multiple retail locations around Southern Maine. Retail stores will offer a variety of Grass Monkey products including multiple strains of premium cannabis, infused products, and extracts. Keep an eye out for Grass Monkey Cannabis Co. retail locations in the near future.

Best Practices

GrassMonkey is committed to making every moment count in our pursuit of excellence. True passion for the plant and its endless potential drive us to push the boundaries of whats possible. Though ever-evolving techniques, our team members have the opportunity to master skills and further goals in our quest to provide you with the best cannabis experience possible.

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