expecting nothing less than perfect.

GrassMonkey is committed to making every moment count in our pursuit of excellence. True passion for the plant and its endless potential drive us to push the boundaries of whats possible. Though ever-evolving techniques, our team members have the opportunity to master skills and further goals in our quest to provide you with the best cannabis experience possible.


As the cannabis landscape expands, the trend of buying or acquiring strains from other gardens has become very popular. We have pledged to never stop hunting for the finest genetics available from the most reputable breeders in the world.


The simple love of the plant and our willingness to try new things and fail give us the competitive edge in the garden. through trail and error we have developed a keen attention to detail and a dedications to proving you with the finest quality cannabis products from the ground up.


Machine trimming¬† or tumbling is a shortcut. That just isn’t us. Having tried most commercial trimming options available in today’s market, we have found there is no rival for hand trimming our flowers.

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