We are Grass Monkey Cannabis Company.

…and we have the best medical marijuana in the world. OKAY; everyone says that about their marijuana. We don’t really know if it’s the best in the world, but we do know it’s amongst the best in the state, and we pride ourselves on that.

Top quality, reliable and consistent marijuana, that’s our thing. But we didn’t get to doin’ our thing without making plenty of mistakes, most of which are laughable now.

We once filled a barrel of water on a Friday – and forgot to shut it off until Monday. SO. MUCH. WATER.

During our debut as Grass Monkey Cannabis Co. at a big industry tradeshow, we experienced a banner malfunction and introduced ourselves as  “ass Monkey Cannabis Co.”  Yeah. That really happened. Dear lord.

We have come a long way, and though we do love to talk about how great our cannabis is, the real brag is our patients. We LOVE our patients. Without them…well, no one would buy our marijuana and we wouldn’t be here. But seriously, this business has given us an opportunity to meet so many truly incredible people.

Most of our patients have been with us since the very beginning, these are the ones that helped shape us into who we are today. Then we have the patients who bring us gifts, tell us all about their weekend or share personal stories. And of course; we have patients who are fighting enormous battles, the ones that keep us humble and remind us that there is a bigger picture here. We are so grateful for all of YOU who we now consider family, and even more grateful for the opportunity to help.

This is who we are today. We may make more mistakes down the road, but we will continue to grow (pun intended) and always strive to be better than we were yesterday.


Grass Monkey

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